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Nasal Packings

Made in Germany

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Product Description

bong chen mau mui
Nasal packings are used after practically every rhinological operation.
Nasal / pharynx tampons are used to halt bleeding in the back nasal / pharynx area, where “normal” tampons can no longer be used. We can offer you three different types; the classical bellocq tampons, a modified variation and a variety made of foam. The use of all nasal / pharynx tampons is of great discomfort for the patient. Here, the alternative would be to use our Choanal balloon catheter.

Nasal Packings:
PVA (expanding)
bong chen mau mui
There PVA nasal / sinus tampons in many different varieties.
– Expands evenly after moistening with an appropriate liquid
– Can be easily trimmed in dry state
– Lint and fibre free, no migration of PVA particles
– Soft pliable sponge when wet
– Takes on appropriate anatomical form
– Highly absorbent

Foam with Latex Cover
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The most commonly used nasal packings in Germany are those made of foam, with a latex cover. They are popular because they are simple to use, they are available in a range of sizes and they are not expensive. A possible disadvantage is the use of latex.
– Wide range of sizes
– Improved latex cover
– X-ray contrast strip
– With thread

Latex free Nasal Tampons
bong chen mau mui
– Non adhering, non absorbing
– Easy, painless removal
– With X-ray contrast strip
– With safety thread
– Sterile

Nasopharyngeal Tampons Bellocq classic
bong chen mau mui
– Sterile
– 5 threads
– With X-ray contrast strip
– Also available as Set (including: 1 tampon, 3 compresses, 2 dental rolls, 2 suction tubes)

Nasopharyngeal Tampons Bellocq modified
bong chen mau mui
– Sterile
– 6 threads (55 cm)
– Also available as Set (including: 1 tampon, 3 compresses, 2 dental rolls, 2 suction tubes)
– With X-ray contrast strip

Nasopharyngeal Foam Tampons
bong chen mau mui
– Sterile
– 4 threads (60 cm)
– Made of Foam
– With X-ray contrast strip


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