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Ear Tampons

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Product Description

Ear Tampons
Ear tampons are used for post otoplasty tamponing of the outer acoustic canal and outer ear drum.
They are made of diverse materials, most commonly used today are; gelatin, PVA (Polyvinyl alcohol) and cotton.
bong cam mau tai
The products made of purified porcine gelatin can also be used in the middle ear, as they can be completely absorbed by the body. Ear tampons protect the operated area from external mechanical influences and can be used in the application of antibiotics.
Gelatin tampon
bong cam mau tai
– 100%purified porcine gelatin
– Comparatively high density resulting in longer term tamponing
– Insoluble in water and fully absorbable
– Total absorption time, depending on application, between 4 and 6 weeks
– Practical size – Single sterile blister packaging, i.e. can be used sparingly
PVA bong cam mau tai – Expanding eartampon for postoperative tamponing of the external acoustic canal after tympanoplasty.
– With or without central lumen


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