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Our universal EndoSURGERY System supports all applications in the fields of laparoscopy, arthroscopy and hysteroscopy, as well as in urological endoscopy. Our flexible universal MATRIX MULTI PUMP has flushing functions for all of the four above mentioned indications and an automatic pressure and flow control system. This ensures an ideal fluid balance, optimum visibility, and continuous patient monitoring in compliance with highest international safety standards. With a maximum gas flow of 30 l/min, Baby mode and Bariatric mode, as well as integrated gas-preheating, the MATRIX Flow meets all requirements for CO2 Insufflation during laparoscopic interventions.
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• 1920 x1080 full HD resolution for the entire imaging and documentation chain.
• Optimum detailed presentation.
• Real colour reproduction.
• High depth of field.
• Optical and electronic zoom.
• Integration of external image and video sources such as microscopy, X-rays, CT, MRT and ultrasound.
• Digital documentation system DiVAS HD for images, videos and audio signals.
• Simple user interface with touchscreen monitor.
• Simple connection to DiVAS HD Net.


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