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Middle Ear Implants

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Product Description

Middle Ear Implants
In otoplasty, middle ear implants serve as replacements for damaged or redundant ossicles. Thanks to them, the defect mechanical chain of sound transmission between the tympanum and the Stapes footplate can be restored.
dung cu cay ghep tai giua
There are two basic types of middle ear implants:
– Total implants, or TORP ( Total Ossicular Replacement Prosthesis) – total ossicular replacement; functional stapes footplate.
– Partial implants, or PORP ( Partial Ossicular Replacement Prosthesis) – partial ossicular replacement; stapes still present, stapes footplate functional.
Titanium has established itself as the dominant material used for middle ear implants today. Titanium’s specific qualities are clearly better suited than those of gold or hydroxyapatite. This is especially so with regard to biocompatibility and biostability, as well as the purely mechanical qualities.
We can offer our titanium middle ear implants in either a trimmable two part version (removable head) or a single part version. This applies to both the total and the partial implants. Further product specifications can be found on the appropriate pages.


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